IronHack Pre-work 3-Simoes

Challenge 3: Usability assessment and site redesign

Mylene Simoes
5 min readApr 4, 2021

// Scenario //

Mila is 30 years old and Ulysse is 32. They have been a couple for 6 years, love each other madly and live together in a nice little apartment in Lyon.

This year, they were not able to travel much. They realized that they had both saved enough for tickets and plan to save as much as possible for the next 6 months to finally make a nice trip. They make a comfortable living and money is not an issue for them.
At a party, they were listening to a couple of friends from their last trip. And they thought that visiting one of the new 7 wonders of the world of our millennium would be a nice trip to make. So it’s decided! They decide to go somewhere special next summer.

  • What type of accommodation do they need: 1 double bedroom
  • How will they travel: Airplane, bus, organized tour
  • Do they have time restrictions or is the schedule flexible? on organized excursions, or organized activities
  • Do they need special care/services (accessibility, daycare, etc.) / Dining, bar, pool and spa, activities and organized tours
  • What kind of budget do they have: 1500–2500/person
  • Duration of the trip: 2 weeks
    Possible destination:
    -The Great Wall of China, China. …
    -Petra, Jordan. …
    -Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. …
    -Machu Picchu, Peru. …
    -Chichen Itza, Mexico. …
    -Colosseum, Rome. …
    -Taj Mahal, India.

After talking about it around them, they hesitated a long time between the Taj Mahal and the Matchu Picchu and this time it is on they will go to Peru !

// Search //

They want to be efficient and have everything they need and have everything organized to enjoy their stay 100%. Even though they are young, they want to have special moments to celebrate being together.
Their trip will be a trip organized by the local travel company that their friends have recommended. The plane tickets will be purchased by them separately.
- Lima airport.
- Currency and exchange of your own currency: Peruvian Sol
- Medical needs
- Recommended vaccinations: Vaccinations included in the vaccination schedule to be updated.Hepatitis A. 1 injection 15 days before departure, booster 1 to 3 (5) years later, children: from the age of 1 year; …Yellow fever. …Hepatitis B. …Rabies. …Typhoid.
- Recommendations of wardrobe: Walking shoes, waterproof coatand mountain clothing, bathing suit, backpack and water bottle
- Total duration of the organized circuit 15 days

// Comparative analysis //

0: Nothing
1: Sensitive
2: Lucid
3: Competent
4: Mature

The applications are quite good in terms of Nielsen’s heuristic principles.
They have some commonalities in terms of functionality, flight information and accessibility.
Skyscanner however stands out. Its score is 38 points and it alone comes closest to the 10 heuristics requested.
It is a well-known and recognized application. It is widely recommended by its users and for my study I would use Skyscanner.

// Methodology & Questions: //

1- Feedback on the Skyscanner homepage
5 seconds to give your opinion, your feeling on the application.
> What did you see? What can this tool do for you? Where would you look for a flight?

2- Search for a flight from Lyon to Lima from June 11 to 26 (with little or no stopover) and select the flight company of their choice.

3- Book a hotel or room in Lima from June 11 to 13 (4 or 5 stars)

4- Select a car rental in Lima from June 11 to 13

5. Insight

// Insight //

1- General feeling on the homepage the colors are attractive and at a glance you understand that you are looking for a flight, a hotel or to rent a car.
The communication of covid is very visible. We go to the essential. However, a photo of a trip would have been more appealing. The logos are clear and very quickly to choose a flight you click on the button. Prefer to go directly to the flight page

2-Flight, stopovers and data available on the same page. Easy and clear. The page is not very intuitive, it lacks color and the colors are a bit dark. It lacks pep. A lot of additional info pollute.
e.g. at the bottom of the scrolling. too much information

3- The hotel reservation is more fun than the plane tickets. We find visuals, it’s colorful and clear. With access to google map directly to locate in the city. We go to the essential

4- For the rental car we always find this simplicity. It is clear with labels, the visual of cars and all the necessary information to know.

The points to rework are :

-The home page to fall directly on the page of the flights and only a small information on the COVID 19, page accessible via button.

-More dynamic colors of the site

-Rework the flights page to make it attractive and fun.

// Redesign of wireframes //

The redesign of the website allowed me to work again with Figma.
Normally the Wireframes are in grey but as one of the points underlined by the users was the lack of attractiveness of the colors I tried to propose a more colored and ludic application.

Another point was the surplus of information.
To solve this problem I integrated logos at the bottom of the page to make it easier to navigate.
A logo linked to an Information page was created to group important information and make it available to those who want it.

// My experience with the exercise //

This work was very interesting.
Like the second one, I did not have enough time to develop it further.

I still have the same difficulties on Figma but with practice it should get better.

It is not always easy to keep the right information. We always want to offer the users the maximum of information but it can unfortunately be in other disadvantage.
The choices we make are very important to be able to bring a simple, effective and professional solution.